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"I am ..." Series

8th Jan I am - The bread of life - Jayne Green

15th Jan  I am - The light of the world - Shane Hughes

22nd Jan  I am - The gate for the sheep - Revd. Stu Clarke                     
5th Feb  I am - The good shepherd - Shane Hughes

12th Feb  I am - The resurrection and the life

19th Feb  I am - The way, the truth and the life

26th Feb  I am - The true vine 

5th Mar  I am - The great I AM

Event Calendar
Sermon Series

Advent Series

27-Nov-22 Advent Week 1 - Hope - Lydia Hughes

 4-Dec-22  Advent Week 2 - Peace - Andrew Croft

11-Dec 22 Advent Week 3 - Love - Alan Scurrell

18-Dec-22 Advent Week 4 - Joy - Interactive service with Jayne Green

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What is Church? Exploring and re-thinking what God calls church to be.

04-Sep-22   Introduction Shane Hughes
11-Sep-22   Rethinking the foundational question (what is church) Stu Clarke     
18-Sep-22   Rethinking Evangelism    Shane Hughes    
25-Sep-22   Rethinking Discipleship   Shane Hughes 
09-Oct-22   Rethinking Ministry  Shane Hughes        
16-Oct-22   Rethinking Worship  Stu Clarke  
23-Oct-22   Rethinking Prayer

30-Oct-22   Special Service - Jesus is the Light  Shane Hughes
06-Nov-22  Rethinking Mission   Stu Clarke

13-Nov-22  Remembrance Sunday

20-Nov-22  Rethinking Church Closing Summary Shane Hughes


A preaching series looking at the Fruit of the Spirit. 

12th June - Love - Shane Hughes
19th June - Joy - Shane Hughes

26th June - Peace - Reflection and Testimony Service (not recorded)
3rd July - Patience - Shane Hughes
10th July - Kindness/Goodness - Alan Scurrell
17th July - Faithfulness - Reverend Stu Clarke
24th July - Gentleness/self-control - Reverend Graeme Ross

5th June 2022 Pentecost Sunday Tony Burton

15th May 2022 Do you love me? Reverend Stu Clarke

8th May 2022 Abundantly More - Alan Scurrell

1st May 2022 Believing Thomas - Shane Hughes

24th April 2022 Peace in Jesus - Alan Scurrell

17th April 2022 Easter Sunday Service - Shane Hughes

10th April 2022 Palm Sunday Service - Reverend Stu Clarke

3rd April 2022 Who is this Jesus? - Reverend David Thompson


Our latest sermon series, "beginnings", takes a fresh look at how Genesis is still relevant to today's Christian. We explore how the stories in Genesis have a lot for us to learn about which are still relevant today. 

7th February -  Who has your ear? Shane Hughes
13th February - Offering your best. Shane Hughes
20th February - Faith over fear. Nigel Head
27th February - God is just. Rev. David Thompson
6th March - Me, myself and I. Nigel Head
13th March - God's plan, God's timing. Shane Hughes
20th March - Persevering through the tough times. Shane Hughes
27th March - Becoming short-sighted. Rev. David Thompson

2nd January 2022 Looking forward, looking back - Reverend David Thompson

9th January 2022 Why doubt is important in faith - Reverend Stu Clarke  

16th January 2022 God is a builder - Nigel Head

23rd January 20222 Stepping out in faith - Shane Hughes


Our latest sermon series explores the Beatitudes, sayings attributed to Jesus, and in particular eight blessings recounted by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount

12th  September - Blessed are the poor in Spirit - Rev David Thompson

19th September - Blessed are those who mourn - David Willson

3rd October - The Leprosy Mission - Helen Walton

10th October - Blessed are the meek - Shane Hughes

17th October - Blessed are those who hunger - Rev Stu Clarke

24th October - Blessed are the merciful - Nigel Head

7th November - Blessed are the pure in heart - Rev Stu Clarke

21st November - Blessed are the peacemakers - Rev Graeme Ross

28th November - Blessed are those who are persecuted - David Willson

The Lords Prayer.jpg

A sermon series exploring the Lord's Prayer:

25th July - Nigel Head - Our father in heaven

1st August -  David Willson - Thy kingdom come

8th August - Rev. Stu Clarke - Thy will be done

15th August - Rev. David Thompson - Give us our daily bread

22nd August - Shane Hughes - Forgive us as we forgive others

29th August - Shane Hughes - Lead us not into temptation

5th September - Nigel Head - Yours is the power and glory

A Disciple's Life.jpg

30 May:  Rev Stu Clarke - Be devoted Acts 2: 37-42

6 June:    Rev David Thompson - Be together Acts 2: 43-47

13 June:  Shane Hughes - Be obedient John 21:1-14

20 June:  Shane Hughes - Be prepared Acts 5: 17:39

27 June:  Rev David Thompson - Be relevant Acts 6: 1-7

4 July:     Shane Hughes - Be studious Joshua 1:8

11 July:   Shane Hughes - Be missional Matt 28:16-20

18 July:   Rev Stu Clarke - Be prayerful 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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